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Custom Residential Design and Planning
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New Home Planning

Owning a home is the American dream, and purchasing one can be a relatively simple procedure. There are some obstacles to overcome and being educated about the procedure can make the process much easier. The same is true with building a new home or remodeling an existing one. Either task can seem to be overwhelming, but as an old proverb states, "To be forewarned is to be forearmed." Education is the key. The more knowledge you have about the subject, the better prepared you will be to address the situation and proceed to your ultimate goal: living in your new dream home.




The following are the tasks that must be achieved and they should be accomplished in this order, although you may already have put a couple of them ahead of the others.

1. Interview and hire a qualified design professional.

2. Interview and hire a qualified real estate professional.

3. Begin shopping for property based on location, amenities, distance from work, schools, etc. and price.

4. Purchase the property.

5. Begin the design process.

6. Interview and hire a qualified builder/contractor.

7. Complete the design of your new home.

8. Apply for a building permit.

9. Begin construction of your new home.

10. Enjoy living in your new dream home.

Custom Residence, Winter Park, Florida

Knightsbridge Manor

"Evans Corner" builder model, College Park, Florida

Why should you hire the design professional first? As a qualified designer, I am able to assess your needs and desires in a home and help you select a lot that is most suitable to your needs based on the style and size of your prospective home, as well as the orientation of the home on the lot for energy efficiency and curb appeal. Having been licensed in the real estate profession, I am able to work with real estate professionals and discuss the criteria with them for the best lot available for your particular needs. If you have already purchased property, don't worry. We can design a home for you that is appropriate for that particular parcel. If you have already hired a builder, we can work with him/her to coordinate the planning in the most efficient manner. If you haven't yet hired a builder and need a recommendation, we can recommend builders that we know are qualified and have a good reputation in the community.