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Affordable Housing Design

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cds.comcolorlogoxsmall.jpg is committed to providing affordable housing design to people who cannot otherwise afford to own their own home. Because income levels are not keeping up with inflation, for some people, renting is their only option, with little or no chance of crawling out of that bottomless pit. Because of the rising cost of home ownership and construction, many families see no way that they will ever be able to afford their own home.

Since 2004, has provided a program for prospective homeowners who otherwise cannot afford to own a home, and a design to fit their family's budget if they qualify. This program is based on the eligibility requirements for affordable housing as set forth in the US Department of Housing and Urban Development Guidelines. It is our desire to see that everyone is able to afford to live in their own home and we will do all we can to help families afford to have a decent, comfortable place that they can proudly call their own.

Please contact us for an application or to arrange for a personal appointment in our office at no cost or obligation to see if you qualify for affordable housing design through our firm.

The picture to the right is "Andrus Place", an affordable housing duplex community in north Orlando, Florida.

Andrus Place, an affordable housing community

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