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Why settle for ordinary...

Casa DeMilio

...when you can have EXTRA-ORDINARY?!?

Both of the above homes are actually the same plan. The smaller black-and-white picture depicts a very ordinary design with no outstanding features. The larger color picture depicts the same home with classic treatments that make the home stand out as unique. Many times, these design features can be incorporated into the design of the home without adding significant cost.

* Custom Home Design
* Historic Restoration Design
* VA, FHA, FmHA Plan Certification
* Additions and Remodeling
* Universal Design for Barrier-free living
* Sustainable Design (using green building technology)
* Alternative Energy Resources
* Community/Neighborhood Planning
* Renderings and Brochure Artwork
Institute of Classical Architecture (ICA)
American Institute of Building Design (AIBD)
Congress of Residential Architecture (CORA)
National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP)
National Council of Building Designer Certification (NCBDC)
International Code Congress (ICC) (past member)

It is usually best to meet personally at times during the design process, yet we realize that this is not always possible. Since we work nationally and internationally, we can perform much of the communication with our clients via email, regular mail, telephone and fax.

Below is all the information you need to communicate with us to arrange for an appointment to meet with us either in our office or at your home.
part of DSU, Inc.
Post Office Box 541566
Orlando, Florida 32854-1566 USA
Phone: 407-920-8008

Ionic Column and entablature
Ionic Column and entablature

Attention to detail, in every aspect of the design is very important to us.


We do not publish our fees for several reasons. However, we feel that once you see the quality of our work, you will realize that we provide "real value-added service" for your design dollar. For that reason, we invite all prospective clients to schedule an appointment to discuss your individual design needs, whether for a new home, a remodel/addition or a historic restoration. Whether your project is simple and we can quote you a fee immediately, or we need to prepare a comprehensive design proposal, we feel certain that you will be comfortable with our fees.

You might find someone who might do the job for less money, but we also know that there are more expensive design professionals available. What is really important is that you hire a true design professional who can perform the work to your satisfaction.

Many times our clients have told us that we have saved them enough in the construction of their new home that we actually worked for them for free...and then some! We want you to have the peace of mind from knowing that you received top quality service at a reasonable price.

In new home construction, each house is individual, unique. Although we have established fees based on the size of the home to be designed, the fee will also be determined by the number of stories and the complexity of the design. Therefore, calculating the fee is relatively simple if we know the approximate size of the home. However, many clients really don't know how large a home they need and sometimes miscalculate the size. We can assure you, though, that after our initial consultation, you will know what the design fee will be for your specific project.

When it comes to remodeling and additions, especially historic restorations, each project is so unique that it is impossible for us to determine a fee without first evaluating the project from many angles. That requires that we personally visit the project for an on-site analysis and evaluation. Usually after our first or second meeting, we will prepare a comprehensive design proposal that will outline the scope of the work to be done, the services that we will perform and exactly what the design fee will be. And we guarantee that fee for sixty days.

For your design team to better understand your needs and desires, we can provide you with a helpful tool that we call our Design Information Package. There is no charge for this package and it can help you to understand the design process. All you have to do is request the package and it will be mailed to you at no charge.

This package includes:

* Dream Home Survey (tells us about your desires and what you want in your new home, including the size, style and amenities)

* Residential Design Questionnaire (helps us to learn more about you and the project, including the site and the local requirements for your particular neighborhood)

* Residential Size Calculation (helps you determine how large or small your house will be, what rooms there will be and how they will be used based on your particular lifestyle; can also save construction cost)

* Other pertinent information that will help you understand the process of designing and building your new home so that you can feel comfortable during the entire process up to and including the day you move in.